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Topic: EU Referendum Vote 23rd June 2016 - Will all hell break loose if we leave the EU?

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RE: EU Referendum Vote 23rd June 2016 - Will all hell break loose if we leave the EU?

Exetermiller wrote:

I'm a leaver. But yesterday was a surprise. My vote yesterday was not a protest vote. Luckily I'm educated enough to foresee some of the effects of what my vote does. Initial turmoil in the markets, devaluing the pound, middle term down growth, possible recession, and probably a breakaway of Scotland from the United Kingdom.

Having said all that, the long term of being a member of the EU club, spells outright destruction. Each treaty comes along and the institution embeds its grubby little fingers into more and more of its member countries pies. They won't move towards a European super state as the net long term contributors and larger economies will go the same way we do, no matter how hard the EU make it for them to leave. The EU will be left with a state which includes the poorest nations of the continent & lets see how important it is then to be a member of the club, when it crashes into destruction in its eyeballs in debt.

Leave was the lesser of 2 evils. This way we get an initial hit, but a head start. Your computer with more use gets full of rubbish up to a point it starts crashing and you have to reinstall. That's where we are at, we'll suffer the pain of reinstallation, but if done properly and by people who know what they're doing we'll end up in a better place with all our do***ents & pictures back in the same place.

We will have to change and adapt as a country but our great people are more than capable, have done it many times before and now the focus needs to be reuniting the divides in our nation. Much like a faltering Rotherham United, get everyone focused in the same direction and you can achieve far beyond expectation. What is done is done, we now need to make it work the best for us, while watching from our island surround all implode around us

 100% post.


Im pleased we have a rebalancing possibility . The PC nonsense materially impacts on personal growth and happiness and with this vote that legitimacy got weaker. we have a platform to celebrate what we are good at and defend ourselves against silly children who have lived through noting and want to bring us all down to infantile emotional reasoning. 


Economically as Exeter has said (who I urge to leave said Exeter asasp, lol)


Well done, it may be the first time in nearly 100 years the working class have stood together and shown what a force they can still be.

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sickly child wrote:

While I disagree with Jolly he does make a valid point when it comes to successive governments ignoring the working mans concerns especially regarding fears of immigration. basically this has been the working class telling the establishment to go and F themselves. However, I think this will be a disaster for them as Boris and co will no shiet all over them. Very sad day in my opinion.

 The difference is, if Boris and co f@ck up we can vote them out.  Try doing that with Juncker.

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While Scotland was to be expected, what we certainly don't need is the governing party in turmoil & their most historically strongest opposition in tatters.

Cameron is a fool. If it were me, I'd have stayed neutral, and said look I'll go to the EU and try and get us some concessions, whatever I come back with you can either see that as great and vote in, or if you still don't like it vote out - but I will leave that to the people decide & I will act in your interest whichever way you go. He'd still be in a job, and be the best person to negotiate our terms out and we would have a strong government.

All this sideline stuff really isn't helping us trying to lessen the dip on the pound, instil market confidence and say hey we're still open for business


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DaAndy Monium wrote:



Should we stay or should we leave the European Union?

Some say stay, some say leave.

I have listened to a lot of the spin and scaremongering. It seems apparent to me  that the faceless Establishment figures

want the United Kingdom to continue as a member of the European Community.

I cannot, for the life of me, get my head around throwing taxpayers' money at a failed project, that is, the EU.

Can the UK afford to prop up the failed economies of some EU member states? I don't think so.

Some spin doctors are working overtime to get their masters' messages across.

One of the messages being that if the UK leaves the EU then the NHS as one example will go belly up.

I'm sure the NHS speaks volumes for itself at the present time.

There is also  a lot of  bu11**** being spouted in an attempt to frighten the voters.

Even Jeremy Corbyn, when he made a speech supporting the Stay Campaign, wasn't one bit convincing. In his early

political career he was dead set against the EU.

Has someone put the frighteners on him too?

Many politicians say that the EU can be reformed from within and that the UK can bring about reform if we stay put.

That is a nonsense!

Even the reported £50 million pounds per day of our taxpayers' money, which the UK throws into the EU pot, is now being

disputed by some of  the Stay Campaigners. They reckon it is much less. I reckon it is currently much more than £50

million pounds. I would like to see the £50 million plus pounds a day pumped into the UK economy.

The banking scandal which occurred a few years ago was the last straw. The banks were bailed out to the tune of several

hundred billion pounds.

The people of the United Kingdom were then asked to tighten their belts. Did we have any choice?

And so began the cutbacks.




Will all hell break loose if we leave the EU?



No-one will ever convince me to support the Stay Campaign.


'Cameron, you're fired!'











 David Cameron. My Part in his Downfall.


Yes, boys and girls. I predicted Dodgy Dave's days were numbered many moons ago.

In the real world my contacts on other social media sites offered me an insight into community life across Britain.

As for the Labour MPs resigning from the Shadow Cabinet. They might have made one hell of a mistake.


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Im a little scared about the addition of the DA!

In my world it stands for God-like status.

Then again, Andy, you are a God.


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Andy Monium wrote:

Returning to the original question, 'Will all hell break loose if we leave the EU?'


Most of the MPs who nailed their true colours to the mast of the Steam Ship Remain may have to fight to regain the confidence

of the people in their respective constituencies. 

Those MPs have not listened to the electorate.

Those MPs have misjudged the electorate.

Those MPs are totally dis-connected from the electorate.

Those MPs have taken the electorate for granted.


Hell hath no fury like a voter scorned.


Heaven on Earth.jpg



European Council President Donald Tusk has spoken of a "special place in hell" for "those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan of how to carry it out safely".



Have we come full circle since June 2016?  How time flies.  Nothing appears to have changed since the 2016 EU Referendum result. 

Andy, I wish you were still posting on this site.  Then again...… best not, eh?


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Several MPs have today quit the Labour Party: Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Ann Coffey, Angela Smith, Gavin Shuker and

Mike Gapes.

The group announced in a statement: "We are leaving the Labour Party to sit as the Independent Group of Members of Parliament.

Their reasons for leaving the Labour Party are many and varied. Brexit was also mentioned at the press conference.

Mr Corbyn is reported as being 'disappointed'.

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Yes, its true. Democracy was never what it said on the tin.

They have ignored the masses. Who? well anyone in power is predestined to ignore their detractors even if they are democratically elected. The hell of it is that we have the greatest democracy (ahem!) ever fighting within itself to keep the greatest autocracy together.

Like I have said before; Ceaser was bound to arise eventually again and it will be nothing but a relief-a little respite-when he does so again. It may be decades or even a century or so before the wheels turn is obvious, but forever turning it is. Then, click-clack and back agin it goes.

Where does a mere mortal with no special ability, courage or strength and power go amid this great unravelling?

Why to the games
To the theatre
To the Gambling and drinking and prostituting dens

Not a bad trade for the often short life of the Beautiful but fragile and deadly life of the Poppy.

Ode to the common man and commoner Women

I praise thee like non before
Relentless in thy humility
the strength of deep mountains in thy frailty
great beauty in thy granite surity

Where powers overthrow the gentlest beauty
and trample under hard feet thy bowed and noble head
the great sound of wonder is yonder reach
where common man and women meet

thou the crulest female cut thy back and tounge
and bloat thy liver and tear thine good heart
and the arrogance of men with sure arm and thighs
and the satanic intelligence bear down into thine eyes
thou shall not reside there forever to come
for thou are in everyone

none can be extingusided if in extinguishing none shall be gone
for in all life is nobler themes than thy wretched sore tyranny
and thou the strong shall tear the weak
the quick will not be caught
and stronger still is them that not moving at all are all around.

so praise to thee most common man
and greater still to thee most hardened fruit that keeps most all winter long
for in both evolution
and revelation
the light of life stands higher still
but only the commoner can sow and reap in all conditions that thou gives

until no condition shines on thee
and thou common breast bears its own transcendence

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